Top 10 Trails


We have over 100 miles of trails so it was a little tough to narrow down our favorites. Agree? Disagree? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.


  1. Tams Trail: This might be cheating. Tams trail isn’t technically one trail, its lots of trails that make up a loop, but we love it nonetheless. It is our only one-way trail (so far) making it perfect for families who want to ride together but don’t want to be surprised by someone heading toward them with a wide open throttle. It offers beautiful scenery, lots of different kinds of trails and it starts and ends at the trailhead!


  1. Trail 2: One of our newest trails, it has quickly become very popular. One of the most spectacular vistas on the entire system is on Trail 2 and getting there is a blast!


  1. Trail 65. This trail winds its way up to the “Green Donut” where you can test your vehicle’s ability to go in the muck.


  1. Trail 46: Love history? Trail 46 has an old powder house where mining companies would store explosives for the coal mines. It’s a blue trail that offers a little more altitude change.


  1. Trail 17: Trail 17 winds its way through the wild rhododendrons and is spectacular in late June.


  1. Trail 138: We couldn’t leave out the singletrack! This singletrack trail is fast, flowy and has great views of the trailhead!


  1. Trail 188/189: Another great singletrack trail! This one has a little bit of everything: technical, fast, beautiful! You’ve got to check it out for yourself!



  1. Trail 28: They say you can see four different states from the main vista on Trail 28: Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia and Virginia. Stop here for lunch at the conveniently located picnic table!


  1. Trail 51: More history! If you look closely, you can see numerous foundations of old homes. Remnants of the past are everywhere!


  1. Trail 95: Last but certainly not least: The Amazon. Arguably our most famous trail, the Amazon is a muddy swamp. We have policies in place for your safety and our sanity. You must not attempt the trail alone and you must have a winch. If you need recovery, we will certainly charge you. Sound like fun?