Trail Rules and Regulations

Trail Rules and Regulations
Each Guest Must
  • Helmets are required for ALL ATV’s and Dirtbike riders when the engine is running. Helmets are encouraged for all SxS passengers and REQUIRED for anyone under age 18. Helmets are not required in jeeps/trucks.
  • All riders AND visitors must sign-in at the General Store and receive an Armband before parking their vehicle in the dirt bike/ATV Day Parking Area. Armbands will be checked throughout the day.
  • All Participants must operate vehicles according to manufacturer’s recommendations including but not limited to age, number of passengers, size, etc.
  • 2 machine minimum group size.
  • Ride on marked open trails only.
  • One-way routes and speed limits strictly enforced. Please read all signs on trails!
  • No alcoholic beverages of any kind allowed on trails. Anyone riding while intoxicated or under the influence will be suspended.
  • No Stopping in the Middle of Tracks and Trails (Pull off of any Track or Trail when Conversing with other riders)
  • Speed limit 10 mph within the cabin/lodge/campground/parking/pond or other pedestrian areas.
  • Stay away from all reclaimed mined areas, active mining areas, logging operations, and gas/oil facilities. Observe all Dead End, No Entry or Restricted Areas.
  • Beginners Trail for beginners and parents/instructors only. No fast riding/racing on this trail.
  • No riding before daylight (Park trails open at 8 am and riders must be checked-in) or after dusk (7:30pm during Daylight Savings Time) unless otherwise noted.
  • No dirt bike/atv engines started after dark. (Unless a specific event is taking place)
  • Anyone riding in an unsafe manner or creating any damage to property, structures, trees, landscaping, vehicles or other riders will be suspended without refund.
  • Any rules/regulations not included above, implemented at a later date, and posted in the main office to include verbal and nonverbal directives given by Burning Rock staff must be adhered to without exception.
  • Burning Rock Off Road Park Passholders must conduct all activities on all the land with the utmost caution exercising responsible behavior and with utmost care and respect of the community, environment, and wildlife and in full compliance with all applicable laws of the State of West Virginia now existing or hereafter enacted, and all the rules and regulations promulgated herein.
Prohibited on BRORP Property
  • Alcoholic beverages carried or consumed on trails.
  • Passengers on ATV/Motorcycles not factory manufactured to carry additional riders.
  • Weapons, firearms, hunting, or littering on BRORP premises.
  • Entering a No Trail/No Entry or gated area.
Jeep/Truck Specific Rules
  • Seatbelt use is mandatory.
  • All vehicles should have at least one tow point and a full-size or comparable spare. All vehicles must have seatbelts for all occupants and either a rollcage or a hard top. Vehicles manufactured without such items, such as Willys, require these as well.
  • All street legal vehicles must be insured. All drivers must hold a valid drivers license and be covered by an automobile insurance policy. Trailered and Competition rigs are welcome.
  • Nighttime wheeling is prohibited. If your group is delayed exiting the trail network due to breakdown or recovery, your group must notify the office of your situation.
  • Anyone observed drinking and driving will permanently lose their membership privileges and their affiliated club will be sanctioned. No alcohol is allowed on the property except for the camping area. Alcohol may be consumed only AFTER you are done wheeling for the day and only in the camping area. Do not drive around the trails with alcohol in your vehicle, leave it at camp.
  • Stay on designated trails. Do not park vehicles where they might block a trail. If you stack rocks to get through an obstacle, UNSTACK them please!!

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Tams, WV 25921

Phone: 304-683-9242


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