Off-Road Trails 101

Be nervous. Have butterflies. Get excited.

That’s what an adventure vacation –especially an off road adventure vacation- is all about. If you don’t feel a little revved up, something’s wrong.

But don’t be intimidated. ATV trail riding really is pretty easy, if you know just a couple of ins-and-outs. Anyone can do it (we believe everyone should do it.) And don’t forget, with our guided tours, you’ll have an expert along to lead you along the way. Here’s some basics to get you familiar with trail riding:

  • Trails are two-way traffic unless otherwise marked. Watch out for smiling, muddy riders coming the other way.
  • Off road riding is about terrain, not speed. Be ready for, um, “bumps” in the road, and be able to stop at all times.
  • Ride within your ability. An adventure vacation is about how much fun you can have, not how big you can go. Besides, waiting for someone to pull your ATV out of a ditch is no fun (and pretty expensive)
  • Helmets are required for ALL ATV’s and Dirtbike riders when the engine is running. Helmets are encouraged for all SxS passengers and REQUIRED for anyone under age 18. Helmets are not required in jeeps/trucks.
  • Wear exactly what you’d think to wear: long pants, sturdy shoes, and long sleeves. We recommend gloves, too (and we just happen to have them for sale if you need ’em).
  • Have fun. Yell, yahoo, be loud, get dirty. Let loose. Everyone gets in touch with their inner off-roader a different way, but we can guarantee one thing: this part of your vacation isn’t for keeping quiet!

Here’s where the rules of the road become the rules of the off road. ATVs have their own set of principles. Read on and learn these basic rules of thumb.


Here’s how to ride through mud: Just do it. Don’t try to avoid it. And if you try to go around it, you’ll just end up making the mud hole bigger. A little bit of momentum helps, too. Be ready to respond to what’s happening under the wheels, even though you can’t see it. Oh, and have fun.


When you’re faced with riding up a big hill, your most important technique is judgment. If you’re not comfortable, don’t do it. The most important part of your ATV vacation is having fun, and everyone has their different definition of fun, set your own limits, set your own style. If you go up the steeps, remember to accelerate smoothly and lean forward. The ATV does the rest.

Going Down

Slow down! That’s the first part. Make sure you have the ATV in low gear when heading down a steep trail. Using the motor to help keep your speed in control can help save your braking power.

Sloping Trails

Lean into the hill. Lean into the hill. Lean into the hill. Do you think leaning into the hill is important? It is. You need your weight on the high side of the vehicle, and that doesn’t mean you should put your 10 pound head over there. Lean into it, and everyone has their different definition of fun, set you own limits, set your own style.

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