MX Track Rules

//MX Track Rules
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  1. Everyone entering the main track must be checked in with the staff before riding and display their wristband.
  2. The following gear is required to be on the track: Helmet, Goggles, Boots (6” or taller), Gloves, Long sleeved pants and shirt, Chest protector. We HIGHLY recommend that you invest in real MX clothing and safety gear, this type of gear can be purchased at local powersports shops or the pro shop onsite. We also have some to rent if needed.
  3. Anyone riding the track must pay attention to any direction provided by Burning Rock Staff and watch for flags. We reserve the right to split up time on the track between bikes and quads if the demand becomes such.
  4. No unauthorized personnel on the track at any time.
  5. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
  6. Burning Rock is not responsible for loss or damage of personal property.
  7. All trash is to be placed in the receptacles provided. NO GLASS BOTTLES.
  8. Be Responsible; respect the rules.
  9. All riders are responsible for their own medical insurance.
  10. People transported by ambulance will be responsible for their own bill.
  11. Unsportsmanlike conduct of riders will not be tolerated.
  12. Those riding in a reckless manner will be asked to leave.
  13. Riders are to use 1st gear to and from the track.
  14. A helmet must be worn at all times.
  15. No “Mud” or “Swamp” tires allowed on the track.

Vehicles Allowed on the motocross track include: Dirtbikes and Racing quads only, no utility quads or side by sides.