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//All D Class Riders
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This is NOT a points class as in prior years. You can only run 2 races in this class. At that point you will be moved to C class. D class is intended as a beginner class and a chance to try racing, not intended as a series or points accumulating class.

D Class Riders: No doubling, if you can double, you are not a true beginner.

C Class Riders: No tripling

All Riders: If run a pro class at any track during the year (regardless of finish) you will be required to run pro at our track.

SPECTATORS AND PARENTS: NO ONE is permitted on the track during a race, with the exception of the 50cc moto races. Only one (1) parent is permitted on the track with their rider during the race.

Penalties and Protests: Protests may only be made by a rider or entrant of a machine in the same class as the protested machine or rider. All protests, whether of rider, rule violation, or machine, must clearly state in writing which part or parts or rule violation is being protested. All protest must be signed by the rider submitting the protest. The signed protest must be presented to the Burning Rock officials within 15 minutes of the posting of the results of the class in question. In the event of a questionable protest where rules and regulations are not specific, a ruling will be made by the Burning Rock officials. KEEP IN MIND THAT RACE OFFICIALS ARE WORKING DURING THE EVENT AND MAY NOT PROVIDE AN IMMEDIATE RESOLUTION TO YOUR QUESTION. OFFICIALS WILL HOLD A POST-RACE MEETING TO ADDRESS ANY UNRESOLVED ISSUES AND REACH A DECISION. ALL ISSUES WILL BE RESOLVED THE DAY OF THE EVENT HOWEVER RACING WILL NOT STOP IN ORDER TO DO SO.