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WV ATV LAWS - KNOW BEFORE YOU GO! Every day we have questions about WV ATV Laws and “ATV Friendly” towns.  Now, depending on who you ask you may get a different answer but here’s the official scoop. No: Riding on interstate highways. Riding on any road with a center line EXCEPT to cross. Riding while [...]

Burning Rock History

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The land that Burning Rock sits on has a storied past. If you were standing in our trailhead 100 years ago you would stand 40 feet lower than you do today. In the 1920’s, coal companies began filling the hollow where our trailhead now lives, with refuse. Coal was removed from area mines and processed to [...]

Trail Rating Protocol By Color

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TRAIL RATING PROTOCOL BY COLOR   Looking for an easy path, a challenge, single track only?  Just pick your favorite color and go…..   Green Trails (Easiest) The easiest of the ratings in the difficulty scale, some green trails will connect whole trail systems together. Beginner riders should use these until their confidence increases. Green trails [...]