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Top 10 Trails

Top 10 Trails   We have over 100 miles of trails so it was a little tough to narrow down our favorites. Agree? Disagree? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter [...]


WV ATV LAWS - KNOW BEFORE YOU GO! Every day we have questions about WV ATV Laws and “ATV Friendly” towns.  Now, depending on who you ask you may get [...]

Burning Rock History

The land that Burning Rock sits on has a storied past. If you were standing in our trailhead 100 years ago you would stand 40 feet lower than you do [...]

Trail Rating Protocol By Color

TRAIL RATING PROTOCOL BY COLOR   Looking for an easy path, a challenge, single track only?  Just pick your favorite color and go…..   Green Trails (Easiest) The easiest of [...]

AMA And ATV Club Discounts

AMA AND ATV CLUB DISCOUNTS   Our club discount is 10% off of all lodging and club permits are available at “in state” cost.  Here’s a price sheet (club prices [...]